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Motion to end Child support coming up

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  • Motion to end Child support coming up

    I was working remotely, thanks to Covid and moved overseas to stay with my parents. Months later my employer asked me to return to the office but I chose not to, since my parents are elderly and I’m an only child.

    I’m still paying child support but can’t afford to much longer because I have no income. I hired a lawyer who will go to court next month and ask the judge to cancel my support payments. I’m offering to notify the court once I find another job.

    Is there a good chance the judge will side with me?

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    Nope. If you can work then you should be working and paying support.

    Your ex will argue that you are purposely unemployed and you run the risk of having an income imputed.


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      The judge will not side with you.

      You have a legal obligation to support your children. You instead chose to move overseas and quit your job. This doesn't absolve you of your legal obligation here.

      You're obviously not seeing the kids or being actively involved in their lives, ideally you would move back asap, get another job, be involved with the kids and pay your support. At bare minimum, get another job now and pay your support.


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