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my lawyer 'unofficially' suggested to stop paying fro

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  • rockscan
    They don't start doing anything until you reach $3000. Your lawyer should be asking for a temporary halt to enforcement. Have you contacted FRO to speak to your caseworker about potential actions? I would do that as the first step.

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  • mcr
    started a topic my lawyer 'unofficially' suggested to stop paying fro

    my lawyer 'unofficially' suggested to stop paying fro

    A motion to change has been started, but ex disappeared a few years back and it may take time to find her to get it served.
    My lawyer has 'hinted' at the idea I stop paying fro once the details of my court order are up and while the motion to change goes through in order to prevent ex from getting any further over payments (we're already at a point of about $6k in over payments being in her hands).

    Anyone with thoughts? How long until fro typically hits credit reports, drivers licenses, passports, etc?
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