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  • Family Lawyer in Regina, SK Area

    Could someone please recommend a good family attorney in the Regina area?

    If I can't get a recommendation for someone in this area, then could anyone suggest what I should look for in a lawyer? I am looking at separation and I need some legal assistance. Should I try and find a couple of free consultations first and determine who might be the best option for me? Alternatively, even if I have to spend some $$ on consults, would it be best before making a decision and retaining one?

    Thank you.​

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    Not sure how many posters on here are from Saskatchewan but hopefully you get some replies.

    However, in terms of finding a lawyer, there are a few avenues to take. You want to find someone on the same page as you and clearly acting in your interests (and not just to pad billable hours). Meet with 3 or 4 lawyers in your area to see who you connect with best and who will seem to tell you straight up answers. Word of mouth in your area can help out too, if you are able to speak with others who have been through process and who have experience with (or being against) certain lawyers.

    Be weary of google and website reviews. Some lawyers give discounts in exchange for favourable reviews.

    Depending our your case, you may want to consider a limited scope retainer, where you don't have a lawyer fully on retainer, but rather you tap on shoulder when you need help with stuff.


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      Another suggestion is to look at the lwyers names and go on rate my lawyer (google it) as well as canlii and search for their names. You will be able to see other people's reviews and also read through cases the lawyers had.


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        As far as free consultaions go.... Should I expect to speak directly with a lawyer, or am I going to be providng information to a legal assisant / secretary at that stage of the process?


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          You would speak to the lawyer. If they insist you speak to staff, don't consider them.

          Also, write down some bullet points on your case that are emotion free to help outline your case quickly to them.


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            In my experience, don't expect too much out of the 30 minute free consultation. Have questions you wish to ask ready on a piece of paper. 30 minutes flies by after you exchange pleasantries. You likely won't get straight answers....many lawyers use it as an opportunity to sell their services and for you to "choose them". But atleast the 30 minute consult gets you interacting with the lawyer and you are able to get a sense if they are a right fit for you.


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