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FRO , can't reach anyone, how to contact?

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  • FRO , can't reach anyone, how to contact?

    Last week I receive a voice message from a FRO service rep with 2 case IDs presumably for each of my children, returned their call within an hour and no one answered, got a voice mail and left them my details to call me back, no one ever called back

    Tried every day last week no one answers the phone and it only gives you the option for voice message. I've since sent them a fax explaining I'm trying to reach them and would like to be setup properly to pay them.

    I can't send payments cause I don't know which case ID is for which child and I don't have a welcome package or PIN.

    I am horrified reading this agency's reviews online and the powers they have, am concerned my ex provided them misinformation or is claiming I owe her when I don't, she has mental health issues...

    What am I supposed to do? Am freaking out as I'm current with all payments and concerned this would threaten my driver's license or credit rating...The support payments are high ($3000+/month) , so it would go to their collection process pretty fast if there is a misunderstanding.

    Background: We have divorce order from court after a mediation agreement, ex and I opted out of FRO, only child support monthly and I've paid all along.

    I'm self employed through my own business...When I followed through with full income disclosure , I asked her for her business records and to explain why hers is so low , she then ended contact with me is refusing all calls/emails since. Ex has mental health issues undiagnosed, personality disorder ?
    I'm current with all child support payments and never missed one, this is out of spite, am very distressed not being able to reach anyone there, it's starting to affect my ability to parent and stay focused at work...

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    There is an option to enroll online. You could go to their website and try to register. Otherwise the best advice is to call first thing (8:30) and keep trying. You should have gotten a package from them as well.

    Your ex's possible mental conditions or reasons mean nothing. If you have an order outlining support then she can file with FRO. They actually aren't bad if you don't want to deal with your ex.

    If you are both expected to provide ongoing disclosure to update support and she has failed to do so then you will need to formally request disclosure either via the court or through an email and then move forward with a judge having to order it.


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