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Not Sure if entitled to Spousal Support

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  • Not Sure if entitled to Spousal Support

    curious ..
    wife wants seperation...
    situation...male is 55,,,wife is 53 married 18 yrs..they still live in the house as house is paid off...they have 15 yr son,,child support not an issue...she makes 135000 and he makes 65000...
    curious if I would be entitled to spousal support...this is gta


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    You have to prove entitlement. Did you take time off, forced to quit your job, etc. It would be harder to argue on lifestyle alone.


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      Your spouse making more money doesnt automatically mean spousal support. Unless you sacrificed your career for hers then you are out of luck.


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        another question...wife has 100000 in personal savings account saved from within years of marriage, is it true i would be entitled to half of that, so getting $50000


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          You would need to do a financial statement with a listing of everything owned and owed. From there, it is a split if assets.

          If any of the money came from inheritance then no it is not yours.

          She is also entitled to what you have including any pensions etc.


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