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Form 28/29 - HELP!!!

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  • Form 28/29 - HELP!!!

    My ex has been ordered to pay significant court costs that have gone unpaid since 2017. A new Judge just affirmed in 2022 that these need to be paid. Judges seem to order costs like candy but provide very little help/teeth to actually enforce. My court costs cannot be enforced through FRO - the judge didn't put that in the order. So now, I've been told I need to file a Form 28/29 for garnishment/etc. Here's the problem - no one seems to have knowledge/experience in doing them. The court office is giving me conflicting info, two separate lawyers I've spoken to don't seem to know and I can't seem to get clear answers from anyone.

    Does anyone in this forum have experience with filing out these forms - specifically submitting them to the government to have garnish tax returns/etc.

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