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OFFER TO SETTLE: have to serve the other party?

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  • OFFER TO SETTLE: have to serve the other party?

    I am countering an offer to settle sent to me by my ex's lawyer. I am self representing. I have served a counter offer to settle to him. I have an affadavit (Form 6) of service for the person who served him. What do i do with this form? and how many days after she served him can she have her signature authorized? she served him on the holidays and all courts were closed. Perhaps the first question is, does a counter offer to settle need to be served at all?

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    There is a whole section in the Family Law Rules on Offers.
    If you are asking basic questions like this you definitely need to read them. This is basic stuff, create a valid offer to settle, serve them then file it at the court house with the form 6b

    It also sounds like you need a lawyer if they have one and you are asking these questions.


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      You just send the other party your offers in accordance with the FLR. No 6b or anything to file.


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