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Ex stays three month of the year overseas

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  • Ex stays three month of the year overseas

    So I am the child support payor. lately, the children's mother goes to visit her partner overseas for two months at a time, one month at a time. In the last year that has taken place for four months. The children were in my care full-time while she is out of the country.
    I am assuming that the spousal support remains the same. I am asking if still owes child support for the months that she is out of the country.
    Please advise.

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    On the balance of the year are the kids in a 50/50 situation with her away? As in, with the extra time during the year it all works out to be 50/50? If yes then you can try to file for a change in support.


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      Thank you.
      The kids are 50/50 when she is away. It is a 50/50 arrangement.
      What forms do I need to start the process? It has been long since I have been to courts. FRO is not involved.



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        If she's here 8 months and the kids are EOW with you those 8 months I don't think 100% for four months equals 50/50 but if you feel it does you would file a motion to change child support and custody to 50/50.


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          Interesting, your ex stays overseas and does not work?


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