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Frustrated and broke

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  • Frustrated and broke

    is it possible to have support payment reduced while unemployed. payments are currently made directly through the Family responsiblility Act and the ex is getting half on the EI cheque, am expected to live on $800 per month. Ex is Ontario and I'm in AB so going to court is not an option

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    What are the payments for? Spousal or Child Support?

    Basically you have 2 options:

    - If your ex agrees, file a consent with the court (which will send a support order to the Family Responsibility Agency) to reduce the amount of support.
    - If your ex disagrees, start a motion for a reduction with the court.

    Given your situation... you can quite possibly get legal aid or at the very least, receive guidance and advice from duty counsel if you self-represent.

    Why exactly is going to court not an option, may I ask?


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      Well from what others post on this website about getting support orders changed you will need to go to court. However I suspect your EI claim would be finished before getting any resolution to this matter especially once FRO is involved, unless the other party is quite reasonable - which is not always the case.



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        Child Support, ex has good job making about $70,000 per year, (matramonial home was left with ex in divorce, I took nothing, didn't not want kids lives upset by having to move out of their home) ex will not agree to lowered payments. I can't afford the trip back to ON to go to court.


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