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Can She Expect Us to Pay for a Babysitter?

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  • Can She Expect Us to Pay for a Babysitter?

    My stepson is sick. He cannot go to school/daycare. We are not scheduled to pick him up until later this evening, however his mom asked if we could pick him up early because her grandmother, in whose care she'll be leaving the child, cannot care for him all day. I made arrangements at work to leave early, and offered to pick him up at 1:30pm. She asked if I could get him at 12:30pm instead. I said I will try, but since it will be over a 1hour drive for me, I cannot make any promisses. Now she claims that since we can't confirm a 12:30pm pick-up, and her grandmother has plans and cannot watch the child after that time, she will have to get a babysitter for him, and SHE EXPECTS US TO PAY FOR THE SITTER!

    Any thoughts?

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    Oh my, this person is amazingly stubborn and vindictive....
    One the face of it, I’d say the responsibility rests with her as this is technically her scheduled time with the son. However, she could argue the section 7 proportionate share of extra-ordinary expenses issue. And given her history I’m sure she would.

    I know you are in a financially binding situation and every penny is golden, but how much can a baby sitter cost for an hour or two, $5 to $10 maybe $20. Your share would be $5 or $10, how much is your sanity worth? This is absolutely petty on her part, who does she think she’s hurting here? Sure it digs into your pockets, but that’s not the worst of it, and that’s the frustrating part when I see your posts. I just want to shake this woman and tell her to grow up and realize who she’s really hurting in all of this.


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      Well, she decided to take him to work with her... a child with a fever and diarrhea/vomitting... and I guess I'll just have to rush like never before to pick him up and take him home to bed. I've asked hubby to pick up some fresh ingredients on his way home later today so that I can make some home-made chicken noodle soup. Hopefully the little guy will start to feel better during his calm and peaceful weekend with us.


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        Yeesh, is it too much to hope that he throws up on her? Seriously though, get there when you can, safely. The last thing you need is a speeding ticket or accident. Hope he feels better!


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          oh my...what a .....sorry about your troubles with her....too bad you couldn't get primary care of the child....


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            Well, I got there as quickly as I safely could - without speeding, LOL - and now we're back home in comfy clothes, curled up in a blanket watching a movie while I have some home-made chicken noodle soup simmering on the stove. The little guy seems much better than I expected him to be, probably because he's doped up on children's Advil AND antibiotics! I couldn't believe she had given him BOTH this morning. His poor liver. But we're home and can concentrate on getting better. What shocked me too when I picked him up was that she had actually taken him to get a haircut on her "lunch break" and sent him outside with an unzipped coat and wet hair! "Too bad you couldn't get primary care of the child..." - exactly what my mom says each time she hears about what the little guy is put through by his mom. But, we all know the family court system, unless that child is physically abused or neglected and there is valid proof of ongoing neglect, they will not take a child out of the primary care of the "mother" even if the father could provide better care and a better home.


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