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  • taxes

    I pay full tabled amount child support for two kids, is there anything other than the benefits I pay for them that I can claim? I read the post on deductions, and I pay through my old employer, to a benefit plan for my kids and I read that I can claim that, but is there anything else I can claim? Thank you for any responses.

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    Any premiums that you pay through your employer for benefits are eligible to you to claim. They will be on your T4’s in box 85 (Employee-paid premiums for private health services plans) it includes the total amount deducted from your earnings to pay for either dental or supplementary health care premiums etc


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      In my case, my employer did not place box 85 on my T4 at all. I only know what I paid to my benefits because of my pay stubs.

      I will be re-filing (updating) last years, and this years taxes with the claim.


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        Your pay stubs should be acceptable for CCRA should they want the proof.
        Some employers use standard forms and forget the "other" boxes options for just this reason.


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