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  • mortgage renewal

    I’ve posted few questions in the past and I was glad to get the answers and also the much needed support through this time. Thanks to those who replied and wish you a better 2009!

    My W and I are still separated (15 months) and there is no agreement in place. We share expenses associated with our child and he spends approx 50-50 time with each of us. No signs of potential reconciliation on the horizon, but she does not want a D at this point. She stays in the matrimonial home and pays the mortgage, insurance, taxes, and utilities. A while ago I asked her to remove me from the mortgage by refinancing, but she refused. I know she checked with the bank and a financial advisor and most likely she would have ended paying more. I really don’t know what she is up to.

    We took a mortgage to buy our home in 2004 and the interest rate is to be renegotiated at the end of this year. My question is can she simply remove me from the mortgage w/o my signature? I decided I don’t want to give up to my rights. What options do I have? I am confused about the whole thing. Any solid advice is very much appreciated.

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    unless she has your ( and the banks) consent she cannot just remove you from the mortgage.


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