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What if you had a secret bank account?

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  • What if you had a secret bank account?

    Just wondering what if you had a secret bank account with emergency money that no one knows about? in that case would that not be factored into settlement and payment funds?

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    I "think"

    it would depend where that money came from... if it's any sort of "income" it would show up on your income tax assessment which would be used to determine the amounts that you'd have to pay.

    If it was a gift, from under-the-table employment, or some other source, you'd still have to be careful if your actual declared income didn't make sense for your standard of living... tricky.


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      The problem with a secret bank account is that you would have to document its existence on your sworn financial statement. If you fail to do so, and it gets noticed by the court, watch out as it will haunt you throughout the reminder of your case management.


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