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    Hello, I pay offset child support. It was ordered by a judge, I think 3 years ago now. I've paid it directly to him every month. My ex was supposed to furnish his Notice of Assessment by June 1, 2022 but has not. I've asked a couple of times by email and he doesn't reply.
    What can I do to get the NOA? Is there a form I can submit to Family Court or something?

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    Its form 20 request for disclosure.

    When you send it you advise that you will file a motion for disclosure if he refuses to comply and you will seek a repayment of any overpayment of support plus costs.

    That may scare him into complying.


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      Only a court can enforce the order and you need to bring an order asking for the disclosure to be enforced.

      On offset... little changes year-over-year unless someone goes from "basic job" to "executive". Judges hate doing offset recalculations. They usually get annoyed at both parties. The difference on offset better be well over 1500$ a month and the new updated better be like 2500$ or you both will suffer the wrath of a judge.

      Careful with offset stuff... usually the payments are so low that judges get annoyed with BOTH parents.

      If your offset payment is <500$ I wouldn't bother with court and just keep paying.


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        The thing that worries me is that without the NOA we can't do the annual catch up calculations. So if I don't have his Notice of Assessment for a year or two I could owe him a significant amount of money. I don't understand why he won't give it to me. Maybe he is making more money and is trying to hide it? Or just trying to annoy me or exert control.


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          Hes probably making more money and doesnt want to tell you.


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