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update and next steps?

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  • update and next steps?

    So..this is a bit of a cluster fuck

    In May, form 20 request for info. OC ignored for months. I tried dealing with ex stating I would bring a motion unless she provided info, she then agreed, then renegged, then a few weeks later I told her I would be signing the materials unless she complied and signed for mediation with the aim of finalizing by end of summer. She agreed.

    We had an intake with mediator and he sent the intake forms. The disclosure never came and there was an excuse. She refused to sign the mediation agreement.

    We asked to book a settlement conference. Then her lawyer out of the shadows opposes the whole thing forcing a 14b to book a sc.

    Her lawyer claims in responding materials that mediation is ongoing and he needs to question me before a SC but can only question me if mediation fails. He fails to state she refuses to sign the agreement.

    We have the disclosure motion a few weeks later..same thing lies to the judge. We are still waiting for this endorsement.

    So with the SC, those materials were reviewed in the begining of July but the court house forgot to send out the endoresement in my favor until end of August. Then a week later, a judge send a notice saying it "has come to her attention that when the 14b was reviewed the judge didnt have both affidavits". So it goes back to that judge who now says because mediation is ongoing there should not be a SC. This whole thing is suspicious because how exactly did one judge find out that another judge did not see both materials?

    So now effectively, the case is paralyzed because we cannot get a SC based on a lie that mediation is ongoing, but she refuses to mediate.
    We likely will contact the regional judge because of how the court house screwed this up and because the case is paralyzed.

    On top of this, I likely will have to do another 14b for her to file her 2020 and 2021 taxes. She has been promissing this for months and recently I threatened a motion which gave another "promise" to produce.

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    Can you get a letter from the mediator outlining that due to a refusal by one party they cannot complete mediation and they are closing the file?


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      good idea, i just did that

      ultimately we will need case management because she is in no hurry


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