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lowering ss if ex recohabitates

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  • lowering ss if ex recohabitates


    from my understanding when an ex remarries/repartners the non compensatory side of SS will decrease.

    Right now we are still interim x 4 years as they are dragging heels

    Ex BF has essentially moved in and I likely will have to go a PI route. The kids basically told me, but the ex loves to lie.

    The BF i believe still has his own place and may be selling to roommate or renting his part of house out.

    My question, what are the factors to meet a threshold to make this relevant to lower SS in any way?

    For example, if it was someone on wellfare it will not matter.

    He has a job and I would imagine is contributing financially to the house.

    I would most certainly put a clause in final order about any future support obligations upon repartnering as I have seen cases where a support recipient was dating a fellow before final order, married the guy and it was deemed this was not a material change as it should have been contemplated at the time of signing the order.

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    and again...i cannot simply settle the file

    I have to bring a motion for her to produce her tax returns and's that much lack of cooperation and bad faith negotiations


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      PI's are usually a waste of time. If you can retain a PI then, you can retain the likes of Harold Niman. These are hard questions for folks who can't afford a lawyer to answer and figure out to be frank. All questions at a level that are best posted to very experienced legal counsel.


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