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CRA and terminating Child Support

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  • CRA and terminating Child Support

    I searched the forum and couldn't find a relevant thread. Brief background...somewhat high conflict ex, no court order, just an agreement we mediated through our lawyers. I'm paying both SS and CS (ex also pays me CS as it was originally 50/50). End of CS is determined using the usual terminating events. Basically, the terminating events for both my kids will be reached in the near future (assumes oldest successfully completes last year of college, and the other child has been living with living with me FT for almost 2 years), so I intend of notifying my ex that I will stop paying CS as of x date. I don't expect much push back, but I also don't expect her to send any kind of affirmative response or sign anything to that effect. She simply won't bother fighting it and will ignore my requests to sign anything.

    The concern I have is with notifying CRA that my CS obligations have ended so that I can continue claim SS on my taxes (SS will continue to be payable for several more years). Will CRA accept anything that is not signed by my ex that terminating events have occurred? Just curious what others' experiences have been.

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    Sounds like you need a lawyer and a court order. While cs stops, your ss may equally increase for the remaining years.


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      According to CRA you can call them, follow the notify link from this page and it tells you what info you need


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