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CPP disabled contributors child benefits

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  • CPP disabled contributors child benefits

    Does anyone know much about this?

    I got a letter from service Canada stating 2 of my children that live with me may be eligible for this benefit! I’m assuming their mom applied for it for her disability (no contact) she has also left the province.

    She does not pay support.

    I am to apply on their behalf and payment is supposed to come to me to help in their care? I really don’t know and hoping someone has advice.

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    Who receives the payment
    Children of disabled CPP contributors:

    The benefit is paid on behalf of the child to the disabled contributor, if they have any custody and control of the child. If the disabled contributor has no custody and control of the child, the person or agency having custody and control may receive the disabled contributor’s child benefit on behalf of the child.


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        So do this mean I need to transfer the money to the children or can it be used to take care of them as I don’t receive any help from their mother?


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          Its a disability amount for caregivers to be used for their care so yes you can use it. If you use it to take a trip abroad that is not so much what its for.


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            One of my children needs braces and the other takes medication that is up to $200 a month out of pocket after my benefits. I plan to use that money towards these things.

            Thank you I wasn’t sure if I was to give to them or just keep to use for them. I do see they will get a t4 for this money so I want to be able to explain to them what this is and what it’s for.

            I’m sure their mom will tell them I’m supposed to give it to them. But she doesn’t contribute anything she made it clear to me she has no income and can’t work due to her health and will not pay any support or section 7 expenses. And lives on the other side of the country.


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