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Child Support over 150K income

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    Originally posted by rockscan View Post
    He was pulling a monthly income through their marriage and hadn�t stopped. Not to mention he was holding onto disclosure with a new business venture.

    She wasn�t asking for more. She was asking for disclosure and fully agreed to reduce her spousal when she went back to work.

    Get over yourself. Rich people aren�t victims of anything but their own greed.
    Look up the case on CanLii before pulling things out of thin air . The judge did not agree to her request for disclosure as it involved tons of unrelated stuff which had no relevance to the case at hand . She was asking for support to be based on his full income and dividends which were paid at end of year . She wanted it paid right away rather than end of year to punish him. How could he pay her money at start of year which he receives only at end of year . Thankfully there wa a sensible judge here who saw through the case where the mother was using the legal system to get even/inflict financial pain on the father .


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