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How to split S7 using new partner benefit coverage?

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  • How to split S7 using new partner benefit coverage?

    Short and sweeet question.
    My Ex does not have benefit coverage for our children as he resides in a different country. Ex was ordered to pay $47 per month on top of CS to cover his proportionate share of my costs of benefits through my employer along with 50/50 split of costs above benefit coverage. I have since left this employer and now also have no benefit coverage. The ordered $47 should terminate being sent to me. This I know. However, my current partner has coverage and has included my children. My ex wants his money back for overpayment, ($370.99) which I am willing to provide. But then how do S7 expenses now get split?

    For example:
    $2700.00 for wisdom teeth extraction.
    Neither of us contribute to benefits.
    costs should be split 50/50.
    My partners benefits refunded $1700 for the procedure.
    Do Ex and I split $1000.00?
    or do we split total $2700 and I benefit from current partners coverage?
    Neither my ex or I pay any funds to current partner for the coverage he pays thru his employer.

    How does this work? Please help

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    The benefits are available to the child and are applied first. Therefore you split the $1000 proportionate to income.

    You stop accepting the $47 per month and apply the overpayment to his share of the expense.


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      Thanks Rock!! What you have said makes sense.
      I guess I was asking if its fair that my ex, who as you know contributes nothing to his children, gets to benefit from another person taking financial responsibility for his children.
      Is it fair? No.
      But is it legal? Probably.
      Can I argue this in court? We have settlement conference coming up and I was wondering if it's even worth bringing up. I have already asked the courts to remove the $47 payment from our order.
      Sometimes the emotion takes over and I needed a factual reset! It's hard to see through the facts through the drama some days.
      (I still wanna be right and say that he doesn't get to benefit from someone else taking financial responsibility for his children to ensure they have what they need)
      Anyone else want to chime in?


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        Technically you are benefiting in that the cost you share is lower. Unfortunately it means his is lower too. Itís also fraud if you donít.

        Look at it this way, itís less money all around.

        And I put my husbandís kids (I refuse to call them my step children) on my benefits and we took all that money and gave it to his ex. Why? Because it lowered what he had to pay. In the end, the kids got the benefit.

        Breathe, remember you are free of him, count down the days to when you no longer have to endure this!


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