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    would anybody know what is qualified as section 7 as government description is very vague? I am presently follow the court order to pay CS and Spousal on a temporary basis that makes my monthly cash very low. The CS is sufficient to cover all section 7 expenses, provide food, cloths and my ex doesn't pay for her residence (got her place as NFP), but she wants me paying for section 7 separately. I do understand it is the law, but from what I see she nearly tripled expenses per child for sports compared to what it used to be when we lived together.

    I see for example uni expense coming next year, expensive medical are on the way etc., and if I pay for sport, I won't be able provide medical/education.

    I fully understand benefits of sport etc., but with current child/spousal support I am with negative cashflow monthly, quickly depleting my little savings I had, and I simply don't see a room for ~10K per child per year for the sport of choice.

    Thank you

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    Sports would not be, unless the child has always been in the sport at a competitive level and potentially has a future career in said sport (which is not that common). Sports and extra curricular activities would be day to day expenses that fall under child support. Some families do choose to split these costs.


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      Did you give then written permission to incur the expense before they signed them up? If the answer is no then you donít pay. If you werenít putting them in all these activities before separation then she canít argue for them unless the kids were really little and are now old enough to do it.


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        1. Children were in competitive sports before separation, but clearly not going to pursue it as career. The issue those sports used to be like 1500-2000 a year before separation, and now more like 8,000-10,000 a year per child. Yes, same sport, but clearly it is way over what it used to cost, and with CS payments I simply don't have way paying it.
        2. She has enrolled children to new sport in addition to one they've been prior, and now asks me to pay for that too. I have very clearly objected in writing this second sport at the time of sign up, knowing I wouldn't be able to afford it. Second sport costs another 5K a year.


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          So sport number one has increased significantly which poses a problem for you both. Did you express your concerns with it when she approached you? Have you expressed concerns to her now? Are the kids eligible for any subsidies like jumpstart etc?

          The second sport does not have a history and you objected so if she enrolls then she is on the hook for that one.

          Are the kids young enough to need child care because if the sport is like a day camp then she could argue it is needed.

          I donít think it is unreasonable to tell her it has increased to a point where it is not affordable and you donít agree to it. If she chooses to incur the cost then itís on her dime.

          I also want to note that support covers some expenses like lunches, cheap school day trips but section 7 is different and there is no hard and fast rule. Some judges agree to competitive hockey while others do not. It depends entirely on the case and spending habits pre-separation.


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            I wasn't aware how much it increased until recently. She produced some of the expenses 6 months ago - I said I can't afford it (it was in not in writing), but the second sport I opposed right away and in writing.
            She produced more detailed report and for much bigger expenses for the last couple years 1.5 months ago and that's when I objected.


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