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Ontario child support tables. Which tax year's income?

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    Originally posted by rockscan View Post
    You are looking at it from a January to December payment plan but it is not. It is a July to June plan. And because you use line 150, it is considered income for all of 2020 paid beginning in July 2021. So because you are doing that, you pay the amount for all of 202 beginning in July until June.

    If you want it to be exactly January to December like your annual income, you would need to use a pay stub or offer letter that shows that income, not income tax.

    Unfortunately the law uses income tax and that is not completed until April 30 and therefore the three months after the fact are used to calculate.
    This is correct. So even though your income may be different for the months of January to June, it balances out over the following 12 months until the next adjustment. You pay based on line 150 of the previous year, starting in July.


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      I understand the OP and why the responses are confusing.

      Year Income
      2019 50K
      2020 100K
      2021 75K

      What child support should I have paid in 2021?
      a) 6 months of 50K base + 6 months of 100K base?
      b) 12 months of 100K base?
      c) Otherwise?
      During the year of 2021 you would pay income based on 100K of 2020 income

      In 2022 when your taxes are revealed showing 50K income an adjustment would be done so you ask for the money overpaid for 2021.

      The actual change or request for a change of CS can happen anytime of the year, if it didn't then there would be this year end rush and so can the adjustment. There isn't a Change CS day.

      Spreading that return money out over many months is normal. It was explained to me as allowing your ex to not be worried about the amount of income they have.

      There are more factors like your ex saying his income should always be 100K they are under earning or that extra 25K of your income was a one time windfall.

      There are some other things that come into play like your ex bringing you into court because you have a new job and are earning a lot more and they need that extra CS now. You might say I lost my job but normally there is an expectation that you could be employed newly next week so no adjustment is prudent, maybe you lost all 4 limbs and that expectation is gone.
      Court system is so slow right now those things will never make it to court on time. If it is done by Separation Agreement you can always ask but don't expect your ex to have to deal with your life's ups and downs.


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