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Carrying Costs and Net Income For Support

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  • Carrying Costs and Net Income For Support

    Hi all,

    A couple of points - would the following be allowed as deductions from a T4 employee? All of these are included in

    1) Carrying costs - legal fees to get child support - legal precedent is inconsistent

    2) Employment expenses - Home office expenses due to COVID19

    I'm just curious if this would be treated as legitimate, or would it be clawed back like self-employed expenses such as cellphones, car leases etc.

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    It is highly unlikely as a T4 employee to reduce income amounts unless they are one time thing like a lump sum RRSP payment, a severance or something like that.

    Both the items you mention are tax deductions and not reductions to income.

    Your best bet is to look at cases on canlii. A lot of self employed people try to claim expenses to reduce income for support purposes and their income tax expenses are not accepted in family court.


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