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Bankruptcy, CRA, Ss oh my

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  • Bankruptcy, CRA, Ss oh my


    I may have posted similar before but basically

    Ex is financially illiterate

    She never paid the cra

    She never saved up for taxes

    Spent beyond her means…roughly 440k in 3 years and has no savings, no house, no assets

    Owes the CRA 41k

    I do know the CRA can garnish wages, but can garnish her SS. I would highly doubt CS though.

    I am just in a position where the options would be take a buy-out, give me what I want (50/50 parenting time, which would be one extra night every 2 weeks) and I can help you with the problem you created

    It’s this or bankruptcy. Even if she magically starts making an income, she will owe CRA more and it will reduce my support. This is really running on a financial treadmill that only goes faster if you try and keep up

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    After everything she has put you through your key thought should be how do I protect myself. Which means, get your money and run. She created this mess and she can deal with the after math. You need to focus on you and your kids. The last thing I would be worrying about is helping my ex deal with bankruptcy.


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      I agree 100%

      But this is how I get out of this mess. She goes through financial hell and my kids are exposed to this bc there is nothing right now that will move the needle beyond 50/50 parenting time.

      Instead I let the financial pressure make her collapse and offer her a meagre buy out, giving her a clean slate and she is on her own. Then I am financially free.

      I mean she will owe a huge cost award for the financial motion…just let the weight add up. I also domy think her lawyer will stay on when he sees she’s nearly done and can barely afford toilet paper. I had to prepay half of support before the beginning of the month bc she needed it and bc I’m nice

      And no lawyers can get money out of this shit..

      As an update, the kids are in therapy now…her lawyer actually belittled her bc the therapy is something he personally did not want and she called me crying after he did that…yeah that lawyer has gotta go as does his ego that is stuck in the 70s..


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        There's no question so I can only comment.
        Abusive and controlling, oh my!

        Assume her sugar daddy is supporting her and find someone else to "save". You're better off focusing your posts on yourself.


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          Again, who cares. Get 50/50 and help your kids. They wont want to stay with mom when she has no money!


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            Oh wait sorry yes the question

            Can cra garnish her spousal?

            I do have to think about her financial situation bc it will expose my kids to harm

            And getting her out of it is my way to get ss done (only cohab 6 years and I’m 3.5 into it)


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              You're obviously upset about ss. It's understandable, but we all go through it. It's a couple more years and you'll be done - long before your ex has any financial collapse.

              Wishing, hoping or assuming your ex/kids will go through ruins, so you can stop ss, offer a meager sum to get to 50/50, is not looking out for you kids.

              Isn't your ex's money still in trust? Minus a portion of your half to pay off your arrears owed. Didn't your ex buy a new house with stepdad? Doesn't your ex have a new partner? Your ex gets money monthly plus your ss. I'm sure she's fine.

              Lots of support is paid to an ex, for the government (ow, odsp) to turn around and take. Doesn't affect what you owe or have to pay. I'm sure cra would get their money back through the fed benefits but I wouldn't be surprised either way.


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                Hi, I’ll answer each

                All these scenarios have gone through with lawyer with legal cases to back it…so this is fact

                The ex has no savings and owes the cra 41k…cannot scratch two nickels she is close to ruin. The cra will come calling.

                I do not want her to go through ruin but she did it to herself and it is around the corner.

                The ex has money in trust…but ep to me is more than what she has left. That is the law and she cannot get out of that.

                She had a house, but she was forced to sell it because her stepdad needed the money. The new partner cannot afford much. If there is consistent money going from him or someone else to supplement her, this would be considered inputted income.

                She has no way to pay them 41k..she doesn’t qualify for ow or odsp. She is simply a money moron, needs to get a job and be an adult. She had income imputted to her PRE-TRIAL, so if she continues to do nothing there will be no sympathy.

                When I am saying she is on the verge of collapse it is likely true. I was going to give her x number of months to get a job, settle her cra debt and then be done with it all. Cheaper for me in the long run vs legal fees.

                I’m just going to do a form 20 for disclosure and then present that situation..but again all I have to do is wait for the cra


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