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  • Dental expenses and Benefits

    My ex's birthday falls before mine, so he is supposed to submit costs for the kids to his benefits company first and then I'm supposed to submit the uncovered cost to mine.
    I took one of the kids to a specialist appointment and paid the fee. I gave the receipt to him and I think he submitted to his benefits company and kept it. He won't respond to my requests asking about it. Its so frustrating! Is there anything I can do? I'm guessing not. Maybe I can submit it to my benefits company and explain my ex is not playing ball?


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    I would find out if the clinic does direct billing to insurance. If so, this is the route to go in the future. If direct billing isn't available, you can try to have him provide them with his payment info and then they charge his share to him and yours to you rather than you trying to chase down the money afterwards. You both get a copy of the bill, he sends it to his insurance and they take care of the coordination of benefits.

    You can try submitting to your benefits, however usually the coordination of benefits has to be done from the first provider (his) and they can, and likely will, decline to pay out the higher amount.


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      If you know the benefits provider you can also call and report it.

      Not to mention he has to pay you his share of the costs outside of what he was paid. Keep track and if it becomes a pattern you could file for reimbursement from him via court.


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