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    yw. By fair I mean fair by the law not fair if 15 years was owed.
    They wont appreciate your generosity.

    "don't know what you got till it's gone"


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      I believe I’ve made a fair offer going through my financials. I even included 30% percent interest which may be awarded to her. Now it’s a wait and see


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        Originally posted by podric View Post
        I can see how you feel insulted. Projection is a hard thing to control and very unfair.


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          It could also simply be a person making things up in their own head about someone else or being judgey without evidence but

          Does it mean taking your own personal trait or feeling and applying it so someone else because you believe they would do as you do?

          A dead give away would be when a person is said to be doing or feeling things when there is no basis for the accusation (or comment)? Often is it accusatory in nature.

          The origin for the idea that someone is "angry" or "bitter" or "greedy" or "vengeful" is in the accuser themselves and they can be unaware they are doing it. An accusation doesn't have to be communicated.

          For example Fred gets crazy angry when he loses at cards. When someone else loses at cards and says "darn" Fred believes that the person is really angry. He may even say "it is OK, don't be angry" he may even insist.

          I am open to being wrong so you can help me out here with a teaching moment. Better than insulting me I think. I am flabbergasted at the number of people that reply to others but throw in "you are angry" "you are controlling" "you are deceitful" "you are greedy" when they don't have enough information to come to that conclusion; it is over the top judgey.


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            Well. My lawyer told me my ex accepted my offer. Maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Been over a decade of fighting back and forth.
            My lawyer has asked her lawyer to prepare the separation agreement and then I guess we sign and it is filed in the courts. Is there anything else that is done once an offer is accepted. What are my next steps other then writing her a big fat cheque.


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