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Ex husband paying girlfriend to babysit?

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    Originally posted by StillPaying View Post
    Understand that if ex wanted this over with, he'd have full control to do that long ago. Then let the strong feelings towards OP go...
    I suspect the other party in this matter has their lawyer on /ignore /slap mode. Running up costs... They are a path to reduce risk and financial impact. Rarely do you see high income earners rip through the court system. These things can go on 10-20 years some times!


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      Limitations, entitlement, reduced need for higher support, equalization/debt, and more are all added benefits the other party enjoys - in addition to running up ex's costs.


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        Okay to op
        You remind me of my ex

        My legal fees are more than yours amd not into a settlement conference

        Why because there is a serious behaviour problem. If I ask for info on kids it is “call my lawyer”. It’s like this but with everything. What the ex did not realize that when my lawyer has to write hers asking for a copy of the health cards, it costs her as well.

        3 years later, she is knee deep in debt, renting and ss is running out. In fact it seems like when she successfully went after arrears, her lawyer kept all of it as a retainer and didn’t give her anything for taxes. Total predator move.

        She has been an instrument of her own demise, and finally is backing down, thankfully because bankruptcy has to be soon for her.

        This will happen to you, and your lawyer is totally doing the same thing to you. You seem overly focused on your entitlement that you have shared more than half of it to your lawyer. Just settle and get on with your life.

        You need to evict this situation which is living rent free in your mind


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          I actually went back and reread some posts

          I am not sure how many years you guys were together

          Rock scan has been trying to help you

          Everyone here is still trying to help you

          Just settle the damn thing while you can

          I would hate to see you in a permanent financial trench because of bad decisions you made years hago.

          I’ll give you an example in my case that hopefully when you read it, you will think wow that wasn’t smart…and now apply it to some of your decisions

          3 months after separation, the ex thought she was going to get a windfall and her current car lease was expiring..she went from 630 a month to 1200 a month.
          Now that lease is ending in a few months…and now she won’t even be able to get anything decent because of shortage..and no way to pay the balance

          This is an example of bad decision making from not thinking long term, I won’t even get into the housing of my kids..but same shitt

          Sell the house, give the disclosure and do the best you can


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