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    Just curious. I separated Over 15 years ago. We have not been able to settle the financials yet. Every time we do my ex asks for more and we’re back to square one.
    My question is my lawyer my want financial disclosure from the time we separated over 15 years ago. How can I get statements that far back. My bank only holds onto them for 7 years. Also, one bank I used to deal with has changed names.

    When we went to mediation they just looked at my old financial disclosure. They never asked for one year of statements. I don’t think I can possibly get them that easy, if at all.

    At the time i only kept the statement from the month she left.
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    Limitations Act for property/equalization claims is 6 years, so no issue there.

    If this is for a spousal/child support claim, then it would be based on today's NDI. Why is 15 year old data being requested?


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      Sounds like you're still negotiating so don't worry about bank statements.

      Is your lawyer asking for financials going back 15 years? If there isn't a very good legal reason for this, time to get a new lawyer.

      If it's your ex's lawyer asking, realize that you don't have to give them what they ask for. Again, your lawyer should be explaining this to you.


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        There still an outstanding order against me for Cross examination, from her original lawyer over 10 years ago. She hasn’t done anything since regarding this. The courts have told me the case is still open because the open order exists. My new lawyer has an indicated that the six year applies to me.


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          Yes we are in the process of negotiating a settlement. I have sent her an offer recently. However, if she refuses it I will be forced to go to court. I’ve reached my limit.
          I have all my Financials from back then. Would I have to update everything now. Or will they be based on the financials I submitted back then. My kids are older now there is no child support, there would only be spousal support.


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