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    currently ex is not working and we are awaiting an interim variation
    trial is a long ways away

    it sounds like some fella is basically living there most of the time,

    now obviously it may be difficult to prove and the king thing is figuring out his financial contribution to her "needs"

    what are some things I can do to build evidence for this

    a quick thought would be when she discloses all her financial records and I can see changes in spending/decrease in bills, several deposits in her bank account..

    is it enough that he simply spends half the time there, and sleeps there most nights?

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    Unless you're looking to impute half the water bill, etc, I doubt a roomie would make much difference to you.


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      Originally posted by Kkc View Post
      is it enough that he simply spends half the time there, and sleeps there most nights?
      Enough for what?

      Unless the SS is needs based, it will not matter at all.

      Even if it is needs based, I don't think the courts are going to want to create a situation that incentivizes people to not pursue new relationships, or stalk their ex spouses. The relationship had better be public and established before it will be used.

      Also, how do you know what is happening in the house? Maybe they are roommates? Friends with benefits? How on earth could you tell? If a woman moves in, would you still be suspicious? Can two people of the same gender have a sexual relationship?

      ...or, maybe the courts might not want to get embroiled in this mess and might tell you to that they don't really care about the relationships of your ex spouse.


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