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    I have a court ordered review coming up late next year and I’m already starting to plan and think about it.

    Backstory: long marriage (rule of 65 met). Two children, both working/post secondary school, over the age of 22. Both live with her. Both are no longer considered children according to the court order; it’s all spousal support now. Ex was a sahm, although the plan was always for her to go back to work after the kids were in school full time. When that time came, she refused (even with me facilitating jobs for her). She has a degree and worked full time before the kids came - making the same amount as me. Her refusal to work demanded me taking up another job on top of my full time one. She was able to volunteer, try out a side business (which I supported and cost me more than it brought in (Tupperware rep).

    At the final court appearance 5 years ago, the judge told my ex that she needed to work or provide specialist recommendations why she can’t. Ex is claiming she is too unwell to work, with a GP note. The judge clearly wasn’t impressed, and said so, especially since ex’s “illnesses” are really weak (eg: fatigue, borderline high blood pressure). We also have documentation of her activities that suggest she’s perfectly physically fine to work.

    I am hoping to impute a minimum wage job at full time hours. How successful is this generally?

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    Other's will pipe up but a doctors note isn't going to cut it anymore. So 100% successful but wait for someone else to say something


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      How old is your ex? I think that would come into play... a 63 year old woman starting a new career for example...
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        Early 50’s


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          Are her legs broken? No? Then she is expected to walk out the door and get a job.
          Oh, COVID blah blah blah. Nope, plenty of jobs out there.
          Same goes for guys.


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