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  • imputing income?

    My ex started working in October of this year after not working for years. The pandemic, their lazy ass and court being closed backed everything up.

    they make $6000 a month.

    So great! now I get a break on child support. Right?
    2021: income of $18000 to base child support on for October - December.
    2022: ?? how do I argue they should be paying on the full amount of their projected salary for 2022?

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    You ask for updated income info from the three most recent paystubs and you update.

    Now, if they lose their job, you also update immediately as well.

    There is a blurb in the guidelines that says if line 150 on your most recent income tax is not a true indicator of your income then you use another item like a pay stub. You can send them that info if they balk.


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