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Question re: FRO enforcement

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  • Question re: FRO enforcement

    Payor has not paid child support since March 2020. I noticed that FRO entered in an enforcement of:

    A Support Deduction Notice has been sent to the Payor's source of income on NOV 23, 2021

    Payor was a real estate agent but chose to not renew his license back in 2020. I suspect he has not been actively looking for a job either because he has paid nothing for child support. Since FRO entered in that specific enforcement, does that mean they found out that he is now actively employed? Or is this just a generic next step in their effort to make him pay something?

    Thanks in advance for any replies!

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    Generic next step. They go to the source available. If he no longer works there, they wonít be able to collect anything.

    They will garnish any government benefits he gets like income tax refunds. If he doesnít pay and it gets to $3000, he will have his drivers license suspended.


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      He owes me $50K right now (based on his last notice of assessment and for 5 children).

      So can I request the license suspension or it has to be FRO that decides to do it?


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        Was your agreement filed with FRO by you or the court. If it was you, make sure they know that he hasnít paid by a certain date. You may need to fill out an arrears statement. They will then file to suspend his license.

        You need to understand though, FRO is not able to collect from someone who does not want to pay. He could give up his license or go into hiding. The only way they would get money is if he filed a tax return. So donít get your hopes up that youíll see that $50,000 soon.


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          I don't know who is at fault here. He probably should have filed for an update to CS.

          1) Maybe he doesn't owe you anything and CS need to be adjusted and then that would be reflected.
          2) FRO is the source, you can call them too.


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