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  • Child And Spousal Support

    I haven't posted here for awhile as my case after 12 long years might finally be coming to an end.

    However, I thought I would share some good information with everyone.

    What if I told you there is a spousal and child support program that a lawyer will sell to non-lawyers for a very modest fee? Would you be interested?

    This is nothing like the Divorcemate garbage that is out there.

    The lawyer who developed this program actually reached out to me on this site a while ago when he saw my criticisms of Divorcemate and actually listened and implemented virtually all of my suggestions.

    He is one of the good guys unlike most lawyers.

    I am reluctant to say his name or give any other information but if you are interested in the website, instant message me and I will give you the website and any other information you want.
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