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  • Any advice or experience?

    Hi all, currently in litigation with settlement conference coming up. Other parent has not agreed for me to have any access to child and child does not want to talk nor want to see me.

    I know the conference will not resolve anything but once trial begins, this will be huge financial risk. If I had the unlimited funds this would not be an issue but I have other financial responsibilities that I can not neglect.

    My worry is even if there is a court order, the other parent will not encourage the child to have the scheduled visits or the child will just continue to not want to talk nor see me.

    Has anyone experienced what I am going through, what was it like, how much did it cost, etc.?

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    How old is the child. If they are over 13 it may be a waste of time.

    If they are younger, you could get an order and attend reunification therapy.


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      Reunification therapy was ordered - did not work as child does not want to have a relationship. Child is 7 years old and clearly under the influence. Other parent does not enforce or encourage the relationship.

      What would the cost for trial be?


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        Have you sent letters where you outline that you expect the other parent to adhere to the parenting time schedule and that you will be there to collect child at the designated time?

        You should keep doing this and also point out that they are obligated to encourage and facilitate the time as the child is not old enough to make these decisions. Also note that should this continue you may be forced to amend your application before the court to change custody due to the refusal to provide time.


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          Letters are refused or ignored by the other parent. So if the trial happens it will be probably 30 to 50K. Would legal aid cover the cost of trial as I could qualify?


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            Letters are documentation that the other side ignored. They are useful in court to show you were ignored.


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              Thanks to both of you. Question on therapy. Any suggestions for one in Ontario. The only issue that I have is that other parent would not agree to ab opened therapist vs a closed one which would be useful for trial if it goes to this point.


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                If you have a Family Service organization in your city, call them and ask. Or call Canadian Mental Health. They may have ideas too.


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