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    Hello everyone:

    Couple of questions for any of you folks who may have the answers:

    1- How far back can an ex ask for the NOA? The Separation Agreement indicates that each would provide each other with the NOA each year but neither of us have been (had a good relationship previously)?
    2- Ex has asked for 7 years of NOAs. Is there a requirement to oblige this request?
    3- Ex has full custody so would the internet cost, because of home schooling, be considered a Section 7 expense?

    Things have been great, in the past, when the ex was receiving an increase in child support due to me working out of town and making considerably more money. However, working out of town came with an me paying for additional lodging, gas, wear and tear on my vehicle, etc.

    However, this last tax year, my income was considerably less due to COVID so now my ex is fit to be tied.

    Welcome to everyone's thoughts.

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    She can only go back three years.

    Internet is covered by child support.

    As long as you have been updating accordingly each year there shouldnt be an issue. You can also send her calculations outlining the support for each year just to help.


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      Unlimited high speed internet isn't more than $50 per month in most she really going after you for that?

      I would agree with Rockscan, internet (like all utilities) should be covered by the monthly table amount. Even if she somehow got it in her head that this was an extraordinary expense, she also benefits from the internet so that small amount would be divided by the number of people in the household.


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        If internet is a brand new expense that was never incurred by her and is being used exclusively to home school the child, she may have an argument. I would ask to see proof that the service is new, and related solely to home-schooling. ie internet has never been in the home previously.


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