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Question about keeping ex-spouse on work benefit plan

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  • Question about keeping ex-spouse on work benefit plan

    Hi everyone,

    I had a question and was hoping someone could provide an answer.

    Ex-spouse and I have been separated since 2017 but he is still on my health/dental benefits provided by my employer. Benefits provider is SunLife. Does anyone know if SunLife requires the spouse to be removed from benefits if there is a separation? I tried to look up the information but couldn't find anything mentioning that the ex-spouse has to be removed upon separation. I'm okay with the ex-spouse using the health/dental benefits but wasn't sure if this was actually allowed.

    I'm also paying into a life insurance policy for the ex-spouse through my employer through SunLife as well. This was all set up before the separation. I wasn't sure if SunLife considers spousal life insurance policy void as well upon separation.

    Any response is appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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    Originally posted by Brampton33 View Post
    Check with your insurance provider. My understanding was that if you are separated only, you can maintain them on your plan. However, if you are divorced, they must come off.
    my ex is under sunlife and as long as we are not divorced he can keep me on his benefits.


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      It may be possible with a court order if you are divorced to keep your ex on your benefit plan. You'd have to confirm with the insurance provider.


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        An employee of a health insurance company

        told me often people are left on the plan even after a divorce, technically once divorced, not supposed to happen..but...

        My partners ex, is insisting on a divorce, event tho she was told he would have to remove her from his benefit program, I have my own so not a big deal


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