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Non Payment of Special Expenses

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  • Tayken
    Is the conflict worth the money? If it is a 50,000 expense then possibly. But, anything less isn't worth the ROI. You could find yourself in a nightmare of conflict, allegations and court appearances. Legal fees alone will be double what the braces are worth.

    Penny wise... pound foolish.

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  • kgcotto
    started a topic Non Payment of Special Expenses

    Non Payment of Special Expenses

    Hi all!

    I recently had my order changed where my son now lives primarily with me. Everything was done through the court. I never asked for my ex to pay child support (long story), other than to pay for Section 7 expenses. Order states that all expenses are to be paid 50/50, with anything over $100 requiring permission prior.
    Fast foward to today, my son has braces and was required to have some oral surgery before they could be put on. I have paid for all charges that were due upfront, and the agreement was my ex would pay me (have this in writing signed by her).
    As you can imagine, she did not. She now owes me over $1300, and this will increase by $112.50/month for the braces.
    I am trying to figure out how I could go about having this sorted out by the FRO through a garnishment. I know that the FRO will not enforce anything unless it is a dollar value in the order. I am assuming that I need to go back to court, and file a form 26 first, but I was wondering if anyone has any experience in this realm who might have some tips. Any assistance would be appreciated!
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