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Hopefully last time I have to

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  • Hopefully last time I have to

    Everything has been signed and done, check...pension transfer check.....but for two small things.

    To balance everything my partner was to receive one final be paid 30 days after the closing of the house. that was cheque no word.

    I said before contacting lawyer he should send her a gentle reminder...he is going to wait this week, then contact his lawyer...grrr...I dont agree with this..but his money, his ex...

    Also she wants a divorce and has anyone seen this in court agreements? Actually states that she must have it done by a certain date? Just found it odd.

    Thanks everyone for all your answers.

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    I would be sending her an email right away asking about the cheque.

    My husband had an item in his agreement that the ex would file for divorce within 30 days of a specific date otherwise my husband would get costs to file himself.


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      Thanks Rockscan...For some reason she is insisting that she does it...and pays for it..odd eh? Even knowing that as soon as its done he has to remove her from their awesome benefit program.


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