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Deductions from Line 150

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  • Deductions from Line 150

    I have heard on a Family Law Podcast that the Payor can make deductions from Line 150 for the purposes of calculating CS. Is this also true of the Recipient? The recipient travels 1000km per week back and forth to work, and can't move closer to work or will be out of the range of children's school zone. (Also drives many km out of his way to bring kids to childcare prior to work)... Or would this be considered a section 7 expense?

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    From what I have read and heard from my husbandís lawyer, line 150 can only be adjusted in very slim cases for instance a payment that was never seen. My husband had his work RRSP transferred into his personal one on termination and he never saw that money. It was included as income but it was allowed to be subtracted for support purposes.

    For mileage etc, the review would be on if this was a situation in existence when the agreement was signed, who moved and how that impacts travel. I could see it being allowed if the other parent moved with the kids and it was agreed that cs would be reduced to allow for travel. If it is a situation where the kids have never moved but one parent has gotten a newer job that is farther then it would probably not be allowed.

    If he has always had this job then it would simply be accepted and not used to reduce income for cs.


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