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    Originally posted by iona6656 View Post
    the tone of extreme (kinda gross) entitlement
    Good thing court will just see it as entitlement and not follow the emotional reasoning throughout.
    When you stick to the facts, ex is still coming out on top for now, and potentially moreso in the long run, so court will have no pity on him.


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      Originally posted by Kkc View Post
      1. I hope trueblue has learned something, in a battle of wits with rockscan, don't play the victim card. She is actually trying to help you with free advice
      2. I would love to have a beer with your ex. My view of the situation is that he is entirely annoyed by the situation himself but puts that aside and is an awesome dad.
      3. I am sorry if any of your business partners screwed you over.
      4. I really hope the bf is not drinking the kool-aid expecting a large financial windfall from what you are telling him.

      My stbx is receiving 7600 a month in total, 3k less in SS than what I am supposed to pay but covid nuked my income in half overnight. Actively witholds my daughter. This was the convo when I attempted to pick her up and she ran inside and I asked her to bring her later..btw I am supposed to have them every wekeend Fri 3pm to Monday 9 am.

      This is what is worth fighting for, my daughter is 8. This is what your attitude can lead to.

      Me: okay so what time will you be bringing her
      X: I won't be until you pay me because I can't put gas in my car. Sorry I have rent, a car, maybe you should sell your house, so that we can afford to live
      Me: that's not how it works, so please bring her

      I notice daughter walk back so i proceed to tell her a story and she is about to burst out laughing but has to turn around so her mom doesn't see it
      Me: guess what, I love you
      X: so why don't you want them to eat
      Daughter: dad, pay my mom
      Craig: ... (and I go to walk away)
      X: if you love your kids, pay for them

      I go to walk away and x is mocking me

      X: ewwwww what are you going to do

      Me: honey, honey, I love you
      Daughter: no you don't, if you did you would pay my mom
      X: this has nothing to do with you, but unfortunately this is how your dad wants to talk when he's near me
      Daughter: okay, dad you don't love me, if you did you would pay my mom
      I am sorry about your childen. I do not mention money problems to my kids. I hope your relationship with them get better.


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        Originally posted by iona6656 View Post
        I think what people are responding to is the tone of extreme (kinda gross) entitlement in the OP's posts.
        I just want to make sure I get what I deserve. Anything I don't get is another dollar I can't use to do things with my kids. I'm never going to make as much money as my ex. I feel like I'm entitled because I did support him.


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          Originally posted by StillPaying View Post
          Free advice worth much less than the cost... It's interesting to hear the bandwagon go off on such rude tangents based on wrong info.

          Ex has been paying way less support than he should and is about to get a huge equalization win while avoiding court. You all agree OP should get more support, but because she's getting less and about to lose everything, you feel bad for ex? Don't insult people going penniless with those avoiding support or equalization.
          Thank you. I'm glad someone noticed this. I wanted to resolve everything without court but it looks like my ex is determined to bankrupt me.


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