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    I am looking for some help to find explanations or references that describe how ordinary expenses should be shared in shared parenting arrangements. I have read on this site that the base support covers day to day expenses and that these expenses should be shared 50/50 when the offset amount is paid. I am now looking for references that support this idea.

    There is a lot of information on how to calculate the offset and how to factor in extraordinary expenses, but not as much on the base support. There is the Contino case but that is more general to the idea that both parents should be contributing to the costs to raise the children. Is there any relevant references, online or otherwise, that support this idea of 50/50 sharing of base child support expenses?


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    There arenít. Itís a case by case basis and more than likely not many people take it to court. Over the years on this forum, people have taken the route of sharing certain things like splitting the costs of snow suits and back to school stuff. Technically full table support is supposed to cover the costs of basic stuff like clothes, shoes, school supplies etc. In a shared situation where offset it paid, the expenses tend to get shared equally.

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