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Shared custody child living away at University (Support)

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  • Shared custody child living away at University (Support)

    Hello all, I have this issue with Child Support. My ex wife and I have shared custody/residency of our children. Because I have the higher income, I pay the offset of support payments to her. Just about $1000/month for my son. My son has a couple months of his second year university left, then he is moving back home with me for his 4 months off (spent his 4 months last year with me as well). My son has numerous scholarships. With this and the money he earns during the summer, and student loans, his schooling and expenses are paid for. (Student loans are minimal). My child support payments go to his Mother. She does not provide any financial support to him. I will buy him clothes or something occasionally, pay for his cell phone, provided him with a pretty decent used pickup truck and pay for his insurance, but that's it. Going to court scares me to death, and I have been paying this (which I think is not right) $1000/month which I think should be going to my son. Where do I stand if I dispute this child support? I don't mind paying it to him going forward, but if I have to continue paying his mother and then plus him, that would break me. Thank you in advance for any advise. I should add we are in Alberta.
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    If he isnt living with her during the year and is living with you during the summer she isnít entitled to any support. But you could pay her a minor amount if he does go to her house for certain periods. It would basically be about $350 a month which is the yearly average of four months of support.

    You only have to go to court if she disputes it and files for enforcement with someone like FRO.

    To avoid court you could simply advise that you have been overpaying support as his expenses at school are covered and he lives with you during the summer. You offer her $300 a month until he is done school to offset any household expenses she has when he is with her. If she responds with a court threat you tell her she is welcome to do what she feels is best but you will seek repayment of the overpayment of support for the last two years.

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      Thank you for the advise. Child support does go through Maintenance enforcement. They will not stop collection without a change in court order or instructions from her. I have messaged her a few times about this, she simply refuses to respond. I did not consider making an offer of $300/month. I will seriously consider that.


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        Then you file yourself. Itís a motion to change. If kid is graduating next year then you owe nothing. Ex can still claim kid is in school.

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          Originally posted by colklink View Post
          I have messaged her a few times about this, she simply refuses to respond.
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