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If there is enough RESPs does child support still need to be paid?

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  • If there is enough RESPs does child support still need to be paid?

    Kid has $80,000 in RESPs, set up by paternal grandmother.
    Kid is living at home, with mom and attending school locally. (probably $8,000 a year all in). Kid chooses to have no relationship with Dad.
    Does Dad have to pay child support? University costs? Does Mom need to provide Dad with any documentation or bills?

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    Child support yes and if kid is living at home then its full table.

    As for school costs, if they prove the paid costs with the RESP then they cannot claim those costs twice as its double dipping.

    The paying parent will have to demand a copy of all receipts for costs as well as statements from the RESP showing withdrawals. Should also ask for tax receipts as the kid will have to pay tax on the grant portion of the RESP.

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      Thank you. Would that be for the 8 months of school or all year. Kid will likely be living at home with Mom in summer and hopefully working.

      I'm kind of disappointed neither lawyer mentioned this should be in the final order custody agreements so we werent so confused now. It would be nice if we had it on paper.


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        If kid lives at home and goes to school at home then full table is paid every month. If kid is using the RESP funds to pay education costs then nothing is owed for that. If the ex claims them they are double dipping.

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