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Recalculating Child support

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  • Recalculating Child support

    Hello all,
    One more questions for you all. We do offset and i have paid child support and spousal for sometime now. We exchange t4s and total income line 15000.

    Spouse has informed me that she has received a healthy dividend from the business she has bought into last year.

    Her total income has gone up a considerable amount from t4 employment income when the dividend is added.

    So does the dividend get added into child support equation?

    Should we be using the line 15000 amount in calculating child support?

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    Start here:

    And look through citations.

    You may need a lawyer because she could argue it either being a one time thing or to have her salary removed.


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      And please stop starting new threads for the same question.


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        Thank you very helpful. Ex spouse is both an employee and 1/3 owner, of a company of 10 employees.

        My apologies for starting new thread, thought was new question with issue of dividends. But I see now. Thanks


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