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Before and After School Programs S.7 expenses

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  • Before and After School Programs S.7 expenses

    My ex-wife is starting to pre-plan for the fall when school is back in session; the child is starting JK. She is asking for my consent to register the child in before and after school programs that he will attend and also on PA days, she says this is in prep for the catholic school.

    Are these S.7 expenses and do I have a say as to whether the child should be attending the programs?; the mother has a full-time job, her employer provides Flexible hours (flexible start and end times).

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    So she should flex her time to avoid daycare? That would be a hard no. If she needs daycare for work then it is a section 7 expense. If you are available you can offer your time but she doesn’t have to reschedule her work day to save you money.


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      Perfect, thank you for the response. This support group is really helpful.


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        She does not actually have to ask for consent. She could just enroll the child and send you the bill.


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          Thanks Janis, always straight to the point, like that about you in a good way.


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