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    I made 113000 this year while my spouse made 42000. My income contains about 35000 in overtime which I understand is my income but I worked that overtime because my spouse took every Friday off and multiple weeks of unpaid vacation. She has a full time job but chooses not to work. If she worked full time her income would be closer to 57000. For CS and SS would this be considered not being self sustaining

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    There is a big difference in what lawyers/judges should do and what they will do.

    What they should do

    Each line of a tax return should be analyzed to determine whether it actually reflects proper income. In my view, working overtime takes away from your leisure time. Why should you be punished for working hard while she benefits from working less? The correct thing to do would be to impute income for both of you based on income earned while both working full time hours.

    What they will do

    Lawyers/Judges are financially inept and blindly look at Line 150 income as stated on an NOA as income. This of course is immensely stupid but this is what you are fighting against. I've fought this war for a decade. I'm not saying you can't get them to look at it the proper way but its going to be a fight to educate them.


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