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  • Changing title on title etc.

    Ex and I just signed separation documents. He gets the rental house and I get the matrimonial home. I got my signed copy and then applied for a mortgage on my own. I had a lot of documents to disclose and my ex is mad because he thinks it should all be sorted out within ten days. Our separation document had a date but it was 6 days after I got my signed copy which I think is not enough time to get a mortgage and have lawyer documents done. Has anyone else taken the house or ex bought them out? How long after the separation agreement was signed did it take to complete? We are already living separate and apart in each home and each pay our own mortgages but both still in both our names. I didnít think it was such a hurry but apparently his mortgage rate expired and I was supposed to know. So now he is furious that I have ruined it all but I think 6 days is a little overzealous.

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    I had my financing etc all ready to go when we signed the separation agreement. I had to have proof that I would be able to get the mortgage before he even signed the agreement. We signed the agreement, I got my mortgage and my lawyer held his share in trust until he signed the house over to me. Everything was very quick. I think it was within a week after we signed the separation agreement that he had his money.


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