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Multiple Support Orders, how does that work?

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  • Multiple Support Orders, how does that work?

    My ex and I have yet to complete a separation agreement. He already has a child support order from a previous relationship. I am wondering if we consent to a support order would it be honored or would there need to be limitations placed on the support our son would receive as in the existing support order for his other two children would take priority over mine? The reason I am asking is because the father's ex has decided to increase his child support due to schooling, medical expenses and extra curricular activities for her two children. So far my ex husband has been consistently helping my living expenses our separation was amicable and we remain friends which is why I was privy to this new information regarding his ex filing to increase child support.

    I am very confused on this process and I am hoping that someone out there would be able to provide some clarity in this situation. We have massive child care bill every month because of the nature of my employment which is shift work I am worried I will have to leave my federal government job which provides a lot of benefits to my child because I can't afford to incur the child care expenses anymore. I make aprox $60000 per year so I am not entitled to any sort of subsidies and without support from my ex at a standard level I would be left financially destitute from all of my other obligations (rental costs, vehicle, groceries, clothing for child, utilities). I do know that the other mother benefits financially from living with a new partner who earns a high income. They have a way higher standard of living than what I have currently.

    Sorry I am rambling, the stress of this impending financial doom is getting to me.

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    His original support order would take precedence however his ex may not be successful in getting him to pay so many extra expenses. He could also argue hardship to pay both cs orders.

    Your best bet is to apply for support and hope for the best but prepare yourself to live on a reduced budget. That includes downsizing, selling assets and finding new options for other expenses.


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