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Is it legal for my ex to disclose my salary to anyone?

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  • Is it legal for my ex to disclose my salary to anyone?

    My Ex contacted my neighbour with the aim to get a letter of support stating that my ex was taking care of the house while I was working. Aside from many lies that he told my neighbour, my neighbour told me that I should be happy that I have a good salary, and he got the ballpark figure right. I have never disclosed my salary to my neighbour. Was my ex within his legal right to disclose my salary? I am not on the sunshine list...
    If my ex exceeded his rights to disclose my salary, can I ask for a court order prohibiting him from disclosing my personal information? Should I report this to the police? What are my legal rights?
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    You canít get a court order or take any punitive action.

    You can tell your ex to stop sharing private information about you but that will be difficult to stop.

    You can tell your neighbour this is none of their business.

    You can also get off this hill because itís not one you want to die on.


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      There is essentially nothing you can do. While it shows his character that he is willing share this information with your neighbours, no law was broken.


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        As well, if the paperwork is filed at the courthouse it is public knowledge. If you want your matter to be the private go to arbitration, settle out of court, etc... As soon as you bring anything to court it becomes part of the public record.


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