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Willing to take less than half and ex wants court?

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  • Willing to take less than half and ex wants court?

    Just when I think we have the agreement sorted out my greedy ex starts to think too hard. I am willing to take less than half in equalization. He thinks he is a victim and deserves more. I wasnít even including joint assets such as furniture, boat, seadoo, exís 70k truck. He says now he doesnít agree and wants to go to court. Iím shocked. How does this happen? Am I right in thinking a judge will think heís crazy?

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    Yes, but he will waste your money and his money. Some exís would rather the lawyers get the money over their ex. It may also be strategy, bluffing to see if you would fold. How negotiations go depends on your tolerance for it. Personally I would send back another offer where you both get exactly 50% (including all assets like his truck) and if he doesnít bite then file for the next step in court.


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